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Stickers Printing

Stickers are an affordable and versatile marketing tool which can be used to reach potential customers and clients. Newcastle Business Cards offer affordable sticker printing solutions for your promotional and marketing needs. A creative and well-designed sticker will quite often be proudly displayed by your customers and clients without hesitation. They’re ideal for a wide range of temporary promotional uses such as guerilla marketing, closing bags or envelopes or placing one within every order.

Our 160gsm digital gloss stickers are smooth gloss featuring an easy-peel back. These stickers are for indoor use and designed primarily for use on paper.

Poster Features
  • Quality 160gsm
  • Smooth gloss
  • Easy-peel uncoated back
  • CMYK printing 1 side
  • Cut to rectangle shape
  • Free delivery Australia wide

Looking for something different? Why not try our posters, envelopes or folded brochures.

Perfect For:
  • Promotional marketing tools
  • Business Cards
  • Bag, envelope or product seal
  • Product labels
  • Event and trade shows
  • Guerilla marketing


CMYK Colour Mode

Setup your artwork and graphics in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) colour mode. This will ensure that you avoid any unexpected colour changes. Please convert any RGB or SPOT images to CMYK before supplying your file.

Default Black

The Right Blacks

Black: C0%, M0%, Y0%, B100%
BACKGROUNDS (larger 30mm area)
Rich Black: C30%, M20%, Y20%, B100%
Rich Blue Black: C40%, M0%, Y0%, B100%
Refrain from using this black in any artwork as it may result in drying and/or scuffing issues.


All files must be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch) at full size. Images such as photos which appear in your artwork must also have a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Images that have a lower resolution may result in a pixilated or fuzzy finish. REMEMBER – images taken from the Internet are only 72dpi and are not suitable for print.

Outline or Embed Fonts

Outline or Embed Fonts

Make sure that all fonts are outlined or embedded within your file. This means that we can print your file even if we don’t have your fonts installed on our computers. This will reduce the possibilities of fonts not displaying as they should and not being printed the way you had proposed.

Download a Design Template
Visit our FAQs page for more hints and tips
Business Card Sticker 90mm x 55mm Setup
Bleed Area
Bleed Area = 96mm x 61mm
If you wish to print colour to the edge of your sticker, please include an extra 3mm of colour (bleed) around the entire artwork.
Trim Area
Trim Area = 90mm x 55mm
This is where we cut your stickers.
Safe Area
Safe Area = 84mm x 49mm
It’s a good idea to keep all important text and graphics within the ‘safe area’ otherwise they may be cut off.

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