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Letterpress Business Cards

Boutique modern letterpress business cards are a bespoke and creative way to express yourself. Our luxurious thick 620gsm, 100% white cotton board works seamlessly with the letterpress process. The letterpress technique involves pressing shapes and letters into soft, thick paper board resulting in a tactile and boutique finished product. These bespoke business cards are available with spot colour letterpressing or blind letterpressing, foil stamping, foil edges and spot colour printed edges. 

We also offer letterpress Kraft board and black board. Please contact us for a custom quote.

PLEASE NOTE:  Full colour CMYK printing is not available. Some variances may occur in ink coverage and intensity throughout the press run.

Card Features:

  • Luxurious super thick white cotton 620gsm
  • Uncoated artboard
  • Letterpressing with spot colour ink 1 side, or letterpressing with spot colour ink 2 sides
  • Blind letterpressing 1 side, blind letterpressing 2 sides
  • Foil 1 side, or foil 2 sides
  • Great for luxurious, bespoke and high-end business cards
  • Free delivery Australia wide

Perfect For:

  • Business Cards
  • Unique Cards
  • Bespoke Business Cards
  • Product Tags
  • Specialty Business Cards
  • Vintage Business Cards

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Artwork Guidelines

Letterpress Business Card File Setup  
(Example Below: Spot Colour Letterpressing FRONT + BACK and Blind Letterpressing BACK)
When setting up your letterpress document, please supply the front and back of the card on separate .PDFs and ensure that all inks are PMS colours only. If you require blind letterpressing, or foil on your business card, please supply separately and label accordingly. 

Artwork Setup Letterpress Business Cards

File 1:  Front Printed Letterpressing
All spot colour letterpress areas. (Eg. PMS638)

Artwork Setup Letterpress Business Cards

File 2:  Back Printed Letterpressing
All spot colour letterpress areas. (Eg. PMS638)

Artwork Setup Letterpress Business Cards

File 3: Blind Letterpressing
All blind letterpress areas in 100% black. 


IMPORTANT! All elements within the lettepress artwork must be supplied in vector format only. Please ensure all fonts are outlined. 
IMPORTANT! Letterpress and foil areas should be at least 0.5mm thick. Gaps between letterpress and foil areas must be at least 0.5mm. No full background printing.

Download a design template

Ind InDesign


Artwork Setup Letterpress CardsLetterpress 90mm x 54mm Card Setup

Business Card Artwork Setup Bleed Bleed Area = 96mm x 60mm
If you wish to print colour to the edge of your card, please include an extra 3mm of colour (bleed) around the entire artwork.

NBC BC Artwork Setup Trim Trim Area = 90mm x 54mm
This is where we cut your cards.

NBC BC Artwork Setup Safe Area Safe Area = 84mm x 46mm
It's a good idea to keep all important text and graphics within the 'safe area' otherwise they may be cut off.

CMYK Colour Mode
PMS Colours

Setup your artwork and graphics in PMS/Spot colour mode. Please ensure that there are no CMYK or RGB colours within your artwork before supplying your file. 

 No Full Background Colour
Small Print Areas Only

We do not recommend printing large areas of ink  due to the nature of the uncoated letterpress stock. Large printed areas may result in scuffing or rubbing. Please keep all ink areas to a minimum and no full backgrounds.

File Format

All files must be supplied in vector format. We are not able to print pixel based images on any letterpress cards.

Outline or Embed Fonts
Outline Embedd Fonts

Make sure that all fonts are outlined or embedded within your file. This means that we can print your file even if we don't have your fonts installed on our computers. This will reduce the possibilities of fonts not displaying as they should and not being printed the way you had proposed.