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Foil Stamp Business Card Printing

Foil stamping uses heat and metallic foils to create a shiny metallic finish. During the foiling process, the foil is transferred to the business card by means of a heated metal die. When foil stamping is applied to chosen areas on your business card, the shiny metallic foil enhances specific sections resulting in a sophisticated and quality appearance. The smooth matt laminated card finish creates a beautiful contrast against the shiny foil surface making these cards extra special.

Gold and silver foils are the most popular foil stamping colours. However, we do offer a full range of colours to choose from including: Gold, Gold (Matt), Silver, Silver (Matt), Dark Blue, Blue, Teal, Green, Red, Violet, Pink, Orange, Black and Purple. For best results and greatest foil clarity, avoid fine detail and small fonts (see artwork guidelines for more information).

Card Features:

  • Sturdy 350gsm
  • Coated artboard
  • Matt laminated 2 sides, foil 1 side or foil 2 sides
  • CMYK printing 1 side, or CMYK printing 2 sides
  • Optional rounded corners
  • Colours appear smoothed and luxurious
  • Foil areas appear shiny, metallic and lustrous
  • Free delivery Australia wide

Perfect For:

  • Business Cards
  • Promotional Business Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • VIP Cards

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Foil Colour Foil Colour Guide (colours may vary slightly)

Artwork Guidelines

Foil Business Card File Setup
When setting up your document, we require the foil finish to be supplied on a separate .PDF in 100% black. THE FOIL AREA MUST BE SUPPLIED IN VECTOR FORMAT.

Artwork Setup Foil Stamp Business CardsFile 1:  Front CMYK Printing
All printed areas (no foil on this file). 
IMPORTANT: All fonts must be outlined. 
Artwork Setup Foil Stamp Business CardsFile 2:  Front Foil FInish
Show all the foil areas in 100% black. No CMYK printing to be supplied on this file.
IMPORTANT: Foil areas should be at least 0.5mm thick. Gaps between foil areas must be at least 0.5mm. Foil area in vector format only.
Artwork Setup Foil Stamp Business CardsFile 3: Back CMYK Printing
All printed areas (no foil on this file). 
IMPORTANT: All fonts must be outlined.

Download a design template

Ind InDesign


Artwork Setup Foil Stamp Business CardsStandard Foil 90mm x 53mm Card Setup

Business Card Artwork Setup Bleed Bleed Area = 96mm x 59mm
If you wish to print colour to the edge of your card, please include an extra 3mm of colour (bleed) around the entire artwork.

NBC BC Artwork Setup Trim Trim Area = 90mm x 53mm
This is where we cut your cards.

NBC BC Artwork Setup Safe Area Safe Area = 84mm x 47mm
It's a good idea to keep all important text and graphics within the 'safe area' otherwise they may be cut off.

CMYK Colour Mode

Setup your artwork and graphics in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) colour mode. This will ensure that you avoid any unexpected colour changes. Please convert any RGB or SPOT images to CMYK before supplying your file. 

 Black Break Downs
Default Black

Black:  C0%, M0%, Y0%, B100%
BACKGROUNDS (larger 30mm area)
Rich Black: C30%, M20%, Y20%, B100% 
Rich Blue Black: C40%, M0%, Y0%, B100% 
Refrain from using this black in any artwork as it may result in drying and/or scuffing issues.

Artwork Resolution

All files must be supplied at a minimum of 300dpi (dots per inch) at full size. Images such as photos which appear in your artwork must also have a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Images that have a lower resolution may result in a pixilated or fuzzy finish. REMEMBER – images taken from the Internet are only 72dpi and are not suitable for print.

Outline or Embed Fonts
Outline Embedd Fonts

Make sure that all fonts are outlined or embedded within your file. This means that we can print your file even if we don't have your fonts installed on our computers. This will reduce the possibilities of fonts not displaying as they should and not being printed the way you had proposed.